I’m Alex, a UX/UI Designer based in London

I craft digital customer experiences


About me

I’m a problem solver, and quickly found my feet in a career that lets me do this every day, and I love it. Following years of dabbling, I started my design career in the RBS Group, which was a great challenge – banking’s never had a reputation for being particularly exciting and I was keen to change that (and still am!). Working across the mobile app and digital innovations team was an incredible opportunity to help shape the future of banking.

After a few years I moved to spend some time at a digital design agency to broaden my skill set, and from there, formed Pushpixel to offer my services directly to clients – starting with Dixons Carphone, a leading consumer electronics retail group. Among other projects there, I was the lead UX/UI Designer for Pin Point, their award-winning recommendation tool, which is live in 800 stores across the UK and used by thousands of customers every day.

Most recently I’ve been working as UX/UI Lead at IHS Markit in their Financial Risk Analytics division, where I’ve had the opportunity to deploy a full UX workflow while ensuring meticulous brand application, consistency and structure within the team.

 “I build experiences to delight customers”

All my roles involve UX and UI elements; I’m just as comfortable sketching mock-ups on paper as I am running customer usability testing or creating interactive prototypes and beautiful designs in Sketch. Working across all platforms, adapting designs to meet specific guidelines, I build experiences to delight customers. I typically work on the full lifecycle of a project, with experience from requirements gathering and analysis through to asset delivery and style guide creation.

I have a thorough understanding of native app code, HTML, CSS and JS. While I’m not a developer, I know the limitations and capabilities of a language and the devices they run on. Keeping up to date on technology, trends and standards means I can help you stand out from the crowd and get a head start on your competitors.

Aside from my design skills, I am a certified Agile Project Management Practitioner and have experience managing mobile development teams.


What else?

Outside of work, I’d love to pretend I’m an adrenaline junkie and this is me last year somewhere in Australia. It’s not. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and subsequently a lot of time in the gym. I know absolutely nothing about football so kill most pub conversations there, but happy to talk about anything else! – And I drive an Alfa Romeo, one of the most beautiful cars in the world… but which breaks down just as much as everyone would have you believe!

If you’re interested in working with me on a contract or freelance basis, would like a copy of my CV or just want to connect – please get in touch!

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